Why we need best compression socks? Working as a professional in the medical field requires a lot of physical activity. It typically involves a lot of hours on your feet as you rush from one place or patient to another. Because of this, dedicated healthcare workers must look for comfortable scrubs before buying and accessories that can help them get through the day as efficiently as possible and without pain or irritation. Alongside a set of comfortable women  scrubs, quality compression socks are a must-have! Below, our fashion apparel experts from TAARA will explore some of the best compression socks!

What Are Compression Socks?

In short, compression socks are a type of specialized stocking designed to be stretchy and snug-fitting so that they’ll gently squeeze your legs while you wear them. They typically feature a tighter structure around the ankle that gradually loosens as the fabric moves up the leg.

What are they meant for?

Compression socks are made to put pressure on your legs to help your blood vessels work better, allowing the arteries that carry oxygen-rich blood to your muscles to relax and let the blood flow more freely. They also give your veins a boost that helps push blood back to the heart.

How can they help nurses?

Nurses are on their feet for hours almost every day of the week, making their legs highly susceptible to heaviness, exhaustion, and fatigue. By helping to increase the overall circulation of blood throughout the legs, compression socks can help dramatically reduce the risk for and intensity of these particular issues. Compression socks encourage a more effective flow of blood through the legs and up into the heart, which also helps promote the flow of more oxygen and nutrients throughout the body.

What are some of the medical benefits of compression socks?

Compression socks can help support a wide range of prospective medical benefits for nurses constantly moving in the healthcare field. Some of these benefits include;

  •     Reducing the risk of developing spider or varicose veins
  •     Increasing circulation
  •     Preventing swelling, blood pooling, and blood clots in the lower legs
  •     Reducing sensations of leg fatigue and aches

What You Need to Know Before Buying Compression Socks

 A pair of black ASTRA Graduated Compression Socks from TAARA

There are many unique brands and styles of compression socks for people to choose from, but there are a few key factors people will want to consider before making their purchase- aside from the price of the socks. These key factors include:

The Style

Like other socks, compression socks come in unique styles that may not match everyone’s individual preferences. Before buying your pair of compression socks, consider whether you’d prefer;

  •     Knee highs (that stop just below the knee)
  •     Thigh highs (that stop at the top of the thigh)
  •     Pantyhose/waist-high stockings

Your preferred style will generally depend on your fashion preferences and comfort needs, but you’ll also want to ask yourself where you need the effects of compression socks the most. If you have swelling ankles, you should be alright with knee highs. But you may want thigh highs or pantyhose compression socks if you have swelling at or above the knee.

The Materials

Compression socks come in a massive range of materials for you to choose from. Some are opaque, like men’s dress socks, while others are made from sheer fabric. Some are also made from a blend of cotton or wool! You’ll want to decide which types of materials you prefer before making your purchase.

Are you searching for some top-quality compression socks that can provide the comfort and support you need to get through your next shift in the world of healthcare? Check out the specialty products supplied by our experts at TAARA to learn about what they can do for you!

The Best Compression Socks for Nurses

A pair of navy blue ASTRA Graduated Compression Socks from TAARA.

Now that we’ve explored what to look for when it comes to compression socks, let’s explore some of the best compression socks brands you should consider buying from today!

TAARA ASTRA Graduated Compression Sock

First on our list is the specially designed ASTRA Graduated Compression Sock from the medical apparel experts at TAARA. These super-comfortable and practical compression socks are available in black and navy and come in standard small/medium and medium/large size ranges. The socks are knee-length and made of a super-soft material to support all-day comfort while you’re on the job. They feature a non-binding welt banded top and a comfortable cushion to support the foot. The socks also wick away moisture to help keep you dry and are anti-odor!

Physix Gear 20-30 mmHg, Graduated Fit

The Physix Gear Compression Socks help support nurses and athletes, whether they’re running through their shift at the clinic or taking on a national sporting tournament. The socks are highly durable and come in an array of twelve stylish colors to meet everybody’s style preferences. They’re knee-high and feature three size ranges, including small/medium, large/extra-large, and double extra large.

All Heart Women's Nylon 8-15 mmHg Compression Sock

The All Heart Women’s Nylon Compression Socks are the most colorful on the list and feature a massive range of almost fifty adorable designs for people to choose from, including pink flowers, pandas, butterflies, smiling fruits, and even tacos! They’re knee-length, available in one size fits most, and feature graduated support to help you through the most demanding shifts.

Need Support For Your Nursing Shift? TAARA’s Here to Help!

Whether you’re looking for a new, top-quality set of comfortable scrubs or some practical compression socks to support you throughout your most challenging shift in the healthcare field, our medical apparel experts at TAARA have you covered! Our products are specially made to support both our healthcare heroes and the environment due to our sustainable design, production, and shipping practices that put ecological responsibility at the forefront of our focus. Please consider making an account with us today and checking out our specialty shop to explore our range of expertly made scrub tops, pants, and compression socks.

Whether you’re looking for top-quality, comfortable compression socks or specially designed scrubs with a flattering fit, our medical fashion experts at TAARA are here to deliver. Check out our shop today to explore our excellent, environmentally sustainable apparel selection.

June 02, 2022 — TAARA Scrubs

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