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Phone: 1-888-209-4537<\/a><\/p>

Email: info@weartaara.com<\/a>We are available 9am-5pm (EST) Monday-Friday. Our team will respond to all email inquiries within 24 hours. <\/p>" } }, "template--16747437621467__7383eabb-ebac-40d8-82fe-3bdeaad3859e-168490363014150ff2-0": { "type": "question", "settings": { "title": "What's Your Return Policy?", "answer": "

We hope you fall in love with your TAARA items! If you need to return or exchange an item for any reason, please send non-embroidered merchandise back to us with tags attached, and in their original condition within 30 days of your purchase to receive a full refund or exchange. Your item(s) must be unused, unworn, unwashed, and not embroidered to be accepted as a return or exchange. Please use the return slip in your original package to ship your item(s) back to us. Upon receipt and review of your item(s), we will notify you of the status of your return or exchange.Please send returned merchandise to the address listed below:Wear TAARA C\/O Shamrock Companies10231 Plano RoadDallas, Texas 75238 USAInternational customers are only eligible for returns as we are unable to process exchange orders at this time. Duties, taxes, and original shipping charges are not refundable.For help with returns or exchanges, please email: info@weartaara.com<\/a>.<\/p>" } }, "d0b3cd17-8eec-4379-a549-b9c286658b13": { "type": "question", "settings": { "title": "Do You Offer Any Discounts?", "answer": "

We are proud to support all healthcare heroes. Use code WELCOME15 on your first order for 15% off. You should also join our email newsletter for invites to our live events, and holiday sales. <\/p>" } }, "template--16747437621467__7383eabb-ebac-40d8-82fe-3bdeaad3859e-168490363014150ff2-1": { "type": "question", "settings": { "title": "Are These Eco-Friendly?", "answer": "

TAARA uses recycled materials in our clothing and packaging and biodegradable shipping materials. We partner with certified fabric mills and sewing factories that follow eco-friendly practices to ensure our apparel meets top-tier quality and sustainability standards.<\/p>" } }, "891737d1-ffe4-4f9f-97d2-babb0e1adec1": { "type": "question", "settings": { "title": "What is NYC Designer Mean?", "answer": "

Wear TAARA is designed proudly at the heart of Fashion Avenue in New York City by the same producers featured in New York Fashion Week. When you Wear TAARA, you also embody the energy of NYC.<\/p>" } }, "2cbaa21c-11cf-4eff-a80c-f73f67bb8c4a": { "type": "question", "settings": { "title": "Are These Fluid Repellent?", "answer": "

All Wear TAARA Solid Tops, Bottoms, and Lab Coats are fluid and oil repellent. This will help you stay safer at work, and clean during your coffee breaks.<\/p>" } }, "f9f6d911-afbf-44e0-ba5d-4eb6b5de60b5": { "type": "question", "settings": { "title": "Can I Order For My Whole Team?", "answer": "

Absolutely. Many hospitals, private clinics, and spas love having premium TAARA apparel for their staff. Please contact us by phone or email and we will pair you with our local representative. Phone: 1-888-209-4537<\/a><\/p>

Email: info@weartaara.com<\/a><\/p>" } } }, "block_order": [ "659e7618-a5d9-4cd4-9ba9-b350d12bf1d7", "template--16747437621467__7383eabb-ebac-40d8-82fe-3bdeaad3859e-168490363014150ff2-0", "d0b3cd17-8eec-4379-a549-b9c286658b13", "template--16747437621467__7383eabb-ebac-40d8-82fe-3bdeaad3859e-168490363014150ff2-1", "891737d1-ffe4-4f9f-97d2-babb0e1adec1", "2cbaa21c-11cf-4eff-a80c-f73f67bb8c4a", "f9f6d911-afbf-44e0-ba5d-4eb6b5de60b5" ], "settings": { "title": "Frequently Asked Questions" } } }, "order": [ "main", "recommendations", "1684902326eb59c7e7", "47df9d51-b7fa-48aa-9d1d-8a09075e643e", "7383eabb-ebac-40d8-82fe-3bdeaad3859e" ] }