Why we need scrub pockets and its uses? When it comes to working in the medical field, there are many things you need to have on hand to help you get your job done. Because of this, healthcare workers need to have access to plenty of personal pocket storage to have easy access to essential supplies. Scrub pockets offer a convenient way to keep essential belongings and tools close at hand, and allow healthcare workers to be better prepared for any situation that may need their attention throughout their shift. Below, our medical apparel experts from TAARA will explore the basics of what you need from your scrub pockets and why.

How Many Pockets Do You Really Need?

Ultimately, the number of pockets you’ll want your scrubs to have will depend on many factors. These include your fashion preferences, personality type, the functions you regularly perform while on duty, how organized you like to be, and how many supplies you want to keep on hand throughout the day. 

Generally speaking, you’ll want to invest in scrub pants and tops with at least two pockets each. Even if you don’t often use the pockets, it’s always a good idea to have the personal storage space available while on shift to keep your hands free and make specific tasks easier. 

Scrub Pocket Item Examples and Why You Need Them

A female in blue scrubs with a front check pocket

When it comes to jobs within the healthcare industry, there are a lot of different duties that different people have to perform, so the types of supplies that people will want or need to carry in their scrub pockets differ strongly between individuals. Let’s look at some of the most common items that many healthcare professionals will want to keep on hand throughout their shift.

Pens and Sharpies

Pens, sharpies, and other writing utensils are essential tools for everyone operating within the healthcare field, whether or not they’re directly interacting with or treating patients. Having at least one or two writing utensils in your pockets throughout the day can make many tasks easier to accomplish and save people the time it takes to look for or ask someone to borrow something to write with.

Alcohol Prep Swabs

Regardless of the healthcare field, you work in, if it involves anything related to nursing or direct patient care, you’ll sometimes have to deliver at least a few IVs during your regular shifts. You can make the process easier and help things go more quickly by always keeping some alcohol prep swabs handy in your pockets. 

Trauma Sheers or Bandage Scissors

Bandage scissors and trauma sheers are often needed in a hurry and without much warning, so keeping a set on hand can help you be a real hero in your unit. This is especially the case if you work in an emergency room or other high-paced medical environment where serious issues can pop up suddenly.

Personal Cell Phone

Most workers within the healthcare field are usually permitted to carry their cell phones with them throughout the day, so you’ll want to have a special pocket dedicated to holding your device while remaining hands-free throughout your shift. 

Our medical apparel experts at TAARA firmly believe that healthcare workers are modern day superheroes and they deserve the best when it comes to their scrubs’ comfort, fit, and functionality. Because of this, we’ve designed a specialized line of healthcare apparel to help you get through even the most grueling shift.

Mints and Gum

Many people working in healthcare have to interact with many patients and other personnel throughout the day directly. During these interactions, you’ll want to ensure that your breath smells as fresh and pleasant as possible, so keeping some gum and mints in your pockets can benefit you.

Hemostat Clamps

Much like for trauma sheers and bandage scissors, there will likely be a time when many healthcare professionals encounter a situation where they need to help control bleeding, especially if they’re ever involved with surgery. This fact makes hemostat clamps an essential tool to keep on hand.

Flushes for IVs

Like with alcohol prep swabs, it’s often a good idea to be prepared to perform an IV and keep the tools easily accessible from the get-go. Having some IV flushes in your scrub pockets can help save you a lot of time when administering medications or maintaining an IV line.  


Someone in green scrubs with a front chest pocket.

If you’re a nursing professional within the healthcare industry, having regular, easy access to a stethoscope is necessary. If you don’t enjoy constantly wearing one around your neck, you’ll need to have enough pocket space in your scrubs to store one securely.

Medical tape

Whether you’re taping up a blood draw site or an IV, you’re likely to go through a lot of medical tape throughout your shifts if you work directly with patients in the medical field. Consider keeping a few rolls of medical tape on hand to keep everything moving smoothly while avoiding delays.

Final Factors For You to Keep in Mind

If you’ve read this far, you should understand why scrub pockets are an essential part of a healthcare worker’s uniform! It’s also possible that this new understanding has made you realize that it might be time to invest in a new set of quality scrubs that can offer the storage you need to get through your shift more effectively. Thankfully, our medical apparel experts at TAARA have a selection of top quality scrubs for you to choose from, with one of our top sellers featuring a total of four spacious pockets and two inner utility loops to keep your tools in place! Please consider making an account with us today to take advantage of our fantastic bargains.

When it comes to fashion within the world of healthcare, clothes need to be functional, comfortable, and above all, practical. Check out the line of top-quality medical apparel proudly provided by our team of experts at TAARA to learn why our brand is the best in the business.

June 02, 2022 — TAARA Scrubs

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