Whether you’re buying a new set of scrubs for your first day on the job in the healthcare field or for the hundredth time after years of serving the public, it’s essential to know what to look for when buying quality scrubs. Below, our medical apparel experts from TAARA will explore the key factors you’ll want to look for when purchasing your new scrubs to ensure you’re getting the best quality possible for a suitable price. Please continue for more information, and be sure to explore our website to learn even more!

Things To Consider When Buying Scrubs

When selecting the best possible scrubs to suit their unique needs, people typically only focus on a few key factors; price, size, comfort, and design. However, that only accounts for four essential elements that people should think about before choosing a new set of scrubs! In total, there are eight key factors people should consider about before spending their hard-earned money on new medical apparel;

1. Price

Price is the first and foremost factor to consider before buying any new clothes, especially when it comes to scrubs that will serve you well in your healthcare career. The price of new scrubs will depend on several factors, such as the type of material and the intricacy of its cut and design. It’s often a good idea to have a decently sized budget for scrubs since spending a little more will typically help ensure you’ll get a better quality set that will last longer than cheaper options.

2. Fashion Preference and Dress Codes

A male nurse in green scrubs looking through medical tools.

The kinds of scrubs that different medical professionals prefer often depend strongly on unique fashion preferences and healthcare facility dress codes. While medical personnel often have a decent amount of freedom regarding the kind of scrubs they ware and can dress according to their preferences, some facilities have rules regarding patterns and colors. Be sure to check for dress code specifics at your place of employment before purchasing any new scrubs!

3. Fabric Quality

When buying quality scrubs, scrubs are made from better-quality fabric, they are more likely to last longer and be more durable than those made from cheaper, lower-quality materials. This will help save you money in the long run, but it also helps ensure you won’t have to deal with any problematic rips, tears, or other issues when you’re on the clock. 

4. Necklines

Most brands sell scrubs with four specific necklines; round, square, mock wrap, and V-neck. However, some brands, like TAARA, are now offering slightly modified neckline selections to allow for a more fashionable flair in medical apparel, like their specialty Cut Out V-Neck Top and their Round Neck Keyhole Top! The kind that works best for you will typically depend on your personal preferences, body type, face shape, height, and hairstyle. Consider playing with different neckline styles to see which ones you like best.

From scrubs to compression socks and beyond, our medical fashion experts at TAARA believe that healthcare workers deserve only the best for their clothes. Check out our specialized shop today to learn about our selection of environmentally sustainable apparel. 

5. Pockets

Storage space is essential for healthcare workers, so scrub pockets are a significant factor when selecting your ideal pair of new scrubs. However, while pockets are great, they also need a decent placement to avoid hindering you throughout the workday. Chest pockets are perfect for phones and writing utensils, but you need to be careful with bending over. To prevent the potential for spillage, try to get scrubs with multiple side pockets. 

6. Comfort

A nurse in blue scrubs standing next to a doctor with a clipboard.

Healthcare workers are almost always on their feet and contend with extended shifts in medical environments. Because of this, when buying quality scrubs they must have access to comfortable apparel that can help make getting through the workday at least slightly more manageable. It’s crucial to ensure that the new scrubs you select are comfortable and don’t itch, chafe, or become excessively irritating after hours of use. 

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7. Colors and Designs

This point largely overlaps with the one above on fashion preferences and healthcare facility dress codes. You’ll need to look through the regulations where you work regarding what colors and patterns are permitted on scrubs before buying a particular design that may be prohibited. If there are no rules on scrub designs or patterns, have some fun picking out what you like the most! Wearing bright colors and beautiful designs can help make the workday a bit less stressful and allow you to showcase your inner sense of style. 

8. Slits

Some scrub tops feature little side slits at the bottom to increase your range of motion, prevent stress and fraying, and increase the top’s overall comfort. While many healthcare workers prefer side slits, they aren’t for everyone, especially if they leave part of your waist exposed while at work. If you like the advantage of slits, ensure the top itself is long enough to accommodate them comfortably or pair them with high-waisted scrub pants.

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We sincerely hope you’ll keep the above information in mind when shopping for your next pair of top-quality scrubs. If you’d like to avoid the trouble of an in-person shopping spree or hours of online searching, consider exploring our specialized selection of women’s medical apparel at TAARA today. We’re proud to offer healthcare workers access to some of the most comfortable, durable, and best fitting scrubs. What’s even better? All of our clothes are designed for the utmost environmental sustainability!

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June 02, 2022 — TAARA Scrubs

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